Mobidys is a start-up which develops cognitive and digital accessibility solution for the book industry. The Mobidys technology makes reading accessible to people with dyslexia. Mobidys has managed to convince various publishers, from the small specialized publishing house to the major players in the youth book, to co-produce e-books with their technology. Mobidys offers a turnkey technology solution to make their catalogue accessible to this audience and more.

Our approach

If the book is intended In the end to individuals it also interests the professionals of language disorders. As such the Mobidys team maintains relations with a number of health professionals, Speech-language pathologists, orthoptist, but also with the public and privat education organization for which it is not easy to adapt teaching techniques to this Population. We act in this context of broadening the client targets.

Our contribution

Provide a senior salesperson looking for partners

Mapping of actors, editors of complementary digital solutions, distributors of teaching materials and books, associations, social and educational companies likely to disseminate them to health professionals or education.

Appointments and recommendations