About Excellianz

Excellianz  is a service company in Nantes specializing in supporting strategic and operational marketing executives in complex marketsindustryservicesnew technologiesenvironmentIn a context of rigid labor marketincreased competitionwe bring you flexibility, senior expert skills entrepreneurs and scalability of ressources.

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Our vocation

Bring our sales, marketing and management expertise to the service of executive management of Start Up, Small and medium cap companies. 

In a context of rigidity of the job market, of increased competition, we provide flexibility, skills of senior experts Entrepreneurs and resources scalability to your company.

Our job

Advise, support and implement the commercial development strategy by providing methods and tools and convincing experience on the ground.

Excellianz is committed to its customers and works hand in hand with each of them.

If necessary, we also provide an experienced sales force that we recruit, train and accompany if necessary for the duration of the mission.

Customized solutions

As each customer is differentwe make a point of honor to adaptunderstand the DNA of the company and propose tailored solutions.
You choose the scope of services according to your resources
A pilot phase may be required before a partnership to accurately determine needs and goals
Flexibilityexpertiseintegrityresponsiveness and responsibility are our master words for a successful collaboration.

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Footprint of Excellianz

As an executive and entrepreneur, I always had in the heart of my concerns, marketing and commercial development in France and internationally and the development of men. I created Excellianz to help companies in a simple and practical way to develop their business. This goes through a one-time contribution, tailor resources and expertise strategic and operational marketing they often do not have in-house. As we want to empower teams, we have developed to complement the Board, customized training offers to accompany and exclusive partnerships with quality experts.

Jean-Marie MATHYExcellianz's founder