Partnerships & Alliances

Partnerships offer real opportunities to accelerate business growthincrease competitivenessmaximize profitsreduce the risksimprove productivity… while allowing each company to maintain its independence :

  • Share skills and knowledge
  • Pool different costs or risks
  • Weight "heavier" facing large groups operating in your market - size effect
  • Faster access to the market
  • Develop or access to technology

Main strategic interests for partnership :

  • keep a flexible organization reducing the fixed costs induced by heavy investment.
  • Direct expansion of the product range.
  • Learn before the internalization of products, services or technologies.
  • Increase its capacity for innovation benefiting of the technological expertise of the partner.
  • Reduce costs by pooling purchases, by increasing product volume. (effect of experience and size)
  • Test an idea without committing significant resources.
Whether the leader of the company has personal  connection with his partner or not, this partnership is built and  managed; Because if the alliances provide serious benefits, the disadvantages should not be neglected and risks of such cooperation.

1. Validation of strategic development issues

2. Identification and qualification of the partners

Financial strength of the partner, partner market share if competitorcomplementarity between goods and servicesmatch between customer and target audiencecompany culture..

3. Write and present the value proposition

Synthesis of the project to try to answer at the question of your potential partner : Why should I follow you in this project and not go with someone else or alone ?

Here we act to analyze the different issues

4. The approach

It is important to make sure of the will of both parties and the possible brakes. Everyone must be involved in strategic compatibility and organizational compatibility; mutual trust plays a particularly important role from the start.

5. The negociation

6. The partnerhip start

The next step is the start which often requires allocation of additional human and material resourcesExcellianz helps you define the resources  needed.