Steering & Governance

"And if you were offered the opportunity to have the expertise of a broader management committee?"

To give every opportunity to develop your business Excellianz set up a strategic committee. A precious organ, to surround himself with complementary skills, as well as large structures, especially in difficult times.

Excellianz hand means available to the entrepreneur to determine the objectives. Like this, the leader is no longer alone, a solitude that isolates and slows growth. The company has a single regular outside view and monthly support of a group of business leaders, with all step back it can bring.

The strategic committee, a tool for decision and more !

Our objectif :

You accompany and consolidate the activity of the company established to ensure sustainability and support the realization of its development potential.

  • Break the isolation surrounding himself with other business leaders and experts
  • Distinguish the urgent strategic
  • To focus on what we do best
  • Can master the performance drivers of its business
  • Change of scale by building a growth strategy
  • Advantage of new skills and a new perspective on your business

Young designer, 96% companies accompanied survive 3 years

How does it happen ?

According to your needsat your leisure :

1. A monthly individual follow-up support to the management of its activity and deployment of key actions and commitments from one month to the other at the end of our meetings.

2. A monthly or quarterly Board with other leaders in co-development to enlighten you and help you to bring out the right solutions

Tools to reconcile the leader and teams with the project business

And all this in accordance with our values ​​and the confidentiality of exchanges :

  • Listening and Letting go
  • Investing passionately without being addicted
  • Being comfortable with uncertainty to enable new opportunities to emerge
  • Be patient when you have no response
  • Do not be in judgment
  • just communicate in discomfort and blocking situations
  • Admit that you do not know
  • Recognizing that his presence has value : be curious what you can bring