Training and entrepreneurial education


This is a real " Entrepreneurial pedagogy " we want to promote, the ability to design and implement learning of devices that allow :

Taking responsibility by promoting support for the learner’s own learning processput each one in the heart of the act of learning.

The experience, allowing each participant to build his learning on his own experience.

The reflection, giving the learner the opportunity to review and synthesis of what he learned..

Cooperation in promoting the working group : each member contributes to the learning process of others.

Self-knowledge and other, to identify its intrinsic motivations, understand those of others and consider complementary and collective intelligence.

The discovery and development of talents of each participant.


Awaken the entrepreneurial spirit comesas participative managementa logic that gives pride of place to dialoguesharing experiencesthe exchange of knowledgethe recognition of each input in the implementation of each step of the embodiment.
The idea to undertake is based on a state of mindan attitude that has action and grows to pursue goals of an effective and determined manner.
Through its own commitmenttrainer Excellianz encourages others to take action and change and aims to mobilize energies around a collective project.

The entrepreneurial spirit is essentially a willingness to act to create change, novelty and achieve projects.

  • Awaken your teams to entrepreneurship
  • Think outside the box
  • Develop real or near-real experiences, put your employees in a situation
  • Develop a pedagogy of action

A customized offer

Because everyone’s expectations are different both in terms ofknowledge acquisition that skills uphillOur training programs are built according to your personal needs.

For who:

Employeesbeginnersintermediate and advancedSome of our training nevertheless require prerequisites.

Suitable educational modules :

Building together the operational objectives – they need to know to field– , learning objectivesexercisesthe key messages to beWe prepare the documents associated with your training.


Interventions combining inter or intra-company in face modeworkshop 70% training time.


The design of our programs is based on management experience, sales and marketing of our training consultants in contact with a variety of companies in the industry, services, the Retail and support of leaders.