Our Services

1.Steering committe & Governance

"And if you had the opportunity to get the expertise of a steering commitee ?

To give yourself every chance to grow your business, Excellianz establishes your steering committee. A precious organ to surround yourself with complementary skills, just like big companies, especially in difficult times. Excellianz shares the means at the disposal of the entrepreneur to determine the objectives to be reached. In this way, the company executive is no longer alone, a loneliness that isolates and inhibits growth. The company benefits from a regular individual external contact and from the monthly support of a collective of entrepreneurs, with all the inputs this can bring.

Discover the power of collective intelligence in our workshops : Contact us to know the next date or submit your questions

2. Corporate Strategy

  • Represent your business model : describe the main components of the company which will allow the company to produce value.
  • Validate the strategic segmentation ie product / market / technology combination that reflect your processes, the market and your competitors.
  • Set the attributes of your products or services.
  • Refine your value proposition based on your client segmentation to fix the right communication and marketing plans.
  • Determine and enable the means of action to meet customer needs; establish the relationship your customers expect and how to contact them.
  • Operational plan for increasing sales.

3.Strategic market survey

1. The B2B market such as industry, new technologies, retail, environment, are often complex with a long decision cycles. Excellianz analyzes and decrypts each sector, analyze the value chain and the determinants that affect these markets, or decision strings.

2. The study and reflection focus on the value created for customers from the analysis of the Customer’s technological value chain. We strive to redefine the outlines of the market to try to go beyond the known demand and to assess the impact of the supply on the Market. We identify the main players in the sectors on the field. Through interviews, we determine the market access constraints, the customers expectations of technical, economic and organisational .

3. To keep its competitive edge, the best answer is through the knowledge of its market. But this one is not intuitive and things change quickly. Excellianz has developed tools and resources to put your market under surveillance.

4. Marketing

Opt for a strong pragmatic approach for tangible, short-term, or immediate results.

Benefit from Excellianz expertise, tailored to your needs and available on demand : short or long missions, punctual or recurring… we provide you an absolute flexibility!

Optimizing business efficiency is the optimization of resources (processes, methods, CRM  job profiles…) and the means used (consultancy, training, accompaniment, coaching…). To achieve this goal Excellianz provides :

  • The right resource for the right job: modeling positions and measuring the Position/resource adequacy
  • The implementation of the good business processes in the company
  • Prospecting clients in the absence or in the face of insufficient internal resources
  • The evaluation of the commercial teams to improve their skills
  • The sales management for a proper execution of the company processes.

5. Training : For an entrepreneurial pedagogy

Support our customers in their development, raise people competence are reasons to be at Excellianz.

As we want to make people autonomous, we have developed, in addition to our consultancy services, very concrete and 100% operational training modules to enable everyone to act on all the parameters of the development of the training. company: marketing strategy, negotiation, entrepreneurship, sales technics, negotiation.