External growth

Before engaging the company in an external growth policy, in many cases the first External growth operation begins with buying a smaller structure in difficulty or not, or even a competitor you know or who has identified you as a serious business player and wishes to sell his business.

This opportunity is  often not particularly expected and you must be able to react in a very short time And of course in addition to your daily job which is often well occupied.

If the primary motivation is of course the search for growth, the choice of the target is part of a much more constructed strategy.

If your want :

  • Set up abroad by acquiring a local company or just his client portfolio, overcome cultural and administrative barriers, etc.
  • Eliminate a competitor by taking possession of its assets.
  • Get new skills and know-how to save time rather than internalize new people.
  • Develop while ensuring opportunities by taking control of clients (downstream integration of the sector).

Our expertise of negotiation and prospecting to serve your growth

That's where we act :

  • Constitution of a project team 3 skilled seniors consultant in the fusion-acquisition : Accountant, Consultants Strategy and Business Development, specialist recovery company in difficulty.
  • Study of the target and synergy with your organization.
  • Search and selection of target by direct approaches.
  • Organize contacts.
  • Strategic plan : business plan modeling.
  • Financial evaluation of the target company.