Since 2014, the company has been involved in the renewable gas sector through the implementation of pilots and demonstrators based on patented processes and innovative models (anaerobic and bio methanation) with and as motivation to participate in achieving the objectives. EPP of renewable gas.

The project is based on the possibility of injecting bio methane from the gazeification of various materials: biomass, plastic waste, green waste, straw, CSR, wood, poultry droppings. This new energy recovery chain must be achieved by converting synthetic gas into bio methane.

Our approach

The objective is to select among the main sources of dry waste and to quantify the resources that could be mobilized regarding the current processing chain and the constraints of access to the resource.
5 priority waste sources were studied.
Interview with the main actors in the sector: waste producers, collectors, developers.
Study and quantification of mobilizable resources.

Our contribution

A state-of-the-art techniques and processes realized by our partner S3D

Analysis of the mobilizable resources of 5 waste deposits on the French market for this new pyro gasification sector

Target regions for future installations

Strategic recommendation for the positioning of the company in the current state of the market.